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TKR-Saturn Wins the RPR Championship 002!

Nathan Older (TKR-Saturn) the driver for “Team Kemet Racing Cobra” has won his second championship! Some say it’s lucky Jack Latus had 5 failed race starts, others say Nathan was using secret throttle aid systems to eliminate wheel spin; all we know is he drove the whole championship amazingly with a cool head, for the most part!

In an interview with Nathan he said “I spend 100+ hours a week  in my sim trying to perfect trail braking, tyre management and working out the most efficient race strategy for my team and I. I spend allot of my time coaching Michael Wilson as we spend most our days together. He has learnt allot from my amazing skills and thankfully he isn’t as bargey into every corner anymore. Im looking forward to season 3 with the new cars and I already have some new tricks up my sleeve!”

It was great to hear from Nathan and we thank him for taking the time to reflect with us.

Onto season 3 soon with new cars that bring aero enhancements, new tyre management and hopefully more competitive races!