RPR Championship 002 Rules

RPR Championship 002 Rules

League Code: Coming Soon


Playstation 4 – F1 2019


Mondays 8:00pm UK Time. Lobby Opens at 7.45pm.

Every Monday 8:00pm UK Time – You must be in the game ready to race at 7.45pm UK Time – 15 Minutes before the lobby closes.


Practice: 30 Min

Qualifying: Full

Race: 50% Race Distance

League Code

Available in Discord Chat

Racing Assists

  • Gearbox: Manual
  • ERS: Auto or Manual
  • Vehicle Damage: Reduced
  • Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
  • AI substitutions: No
  • AI: off
  • Parc Ferme Rules: Yes
  • Collisions: Yes
  • Ghosting: No
  • Car Setup: Yes
  • Safety Car: Yes
  • Rules & Flags: Yes
  • Tyre Temp: Simulation

RPR Rules

  • Disqualification (DSQ), 5 place grid penalty and 5 license points will be issued: If you quit the race and the Ai takes over. (Please retire from race DO NOT quit or pause).
  • Disqualification (DSQ), 5 place grid penalty and 5 license points will be issued: If you pause and the Ai takes over driving and causes an incident.
  • Disqualification (DSQ) If you lose connection to the server.
  • Disqualification (DSQ) If you pause and use the “Reset to track” option.
  • No excuses for faulty equipment like steering wheel, pedals  , internet connection etc. All incidents will be treated as it happens.
  • Time penalties can be issued: Deliberate toxic driving style.
  • License points will be issued: Deliberate toxic driving style.
  • Time penalties can be issued: Excessive corner cutting.
  • You may only change teams once per season at round 10 . The driver who remains on the team keeps all team points.
  • You can not change car number.
  • If you DNS (Do not start) 2 races in a row you can be removed from the league.
  • If you DNS (Do not start) frequently throughout the season you can be removed from the league.
  • Race footage must be recorded and uploaded to You Tube. This is used for race incidents. Failing to provide footage when asked will result in penalties or points on your race license.
  • We reserve the right to introduce new rules without prior notice in order to keep the racing fair and clean.


You may start the season as a team of 2. You can only change teams at round 10 and only once per season. The driver that remains in the original team keeps the team points. Team cars must use the same team livery.

Clean Racing

All drivers must race cleanly. Contact between cars is forbidden and as the driver you are responsible for your own awareness and car control. Accidents can happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision, and the incident is properly reported to the stewards with video evidence, you will be penalized.

Deliberately crashing into another car will result in being banned from RPR Racing leagues.

Battling and Overtake Etiquette

Don’t overtake too aggressively. There is always plenty of opportunity to overtake especially in DRS zones. As the chasing car, it is generally your responsibility to not make contact with the car in front.

Do not force another car off the track by leaving too little room on corner entry or exit if a car is alongside you. You must give a cars width. If the other car is alongside you when going into a corner (at the turn-in point), or when exiting a corner, you must leave room avoid contact and to not force the other car off the track. Being sufficiently ‘alongside’ to warrant being left room is generally judged as the attacking car’s nose being alongside or ahead of the defending car’s sidepod.

Moving side to side in the braking zone should not be done when drivers are close to you especially directly behind you, as this could easily cause an incident. Choose a line before entering the braking zone, and hold that line until the turn-in point. If you come from a defensive position and want to move back towards the racing line, you must leave a least one car width between your car and the edge of the track, failure to do so will result in time penalties.

On straights, if another driver has any part of their car alongside your car, you must respect their position on the track and avoid making any movement into the other car, this is also known an ‘pinching’ and will be penalized with a time penalty post race if you force another driver off track or into any barriers.
Excessive weaving is not allowed. When defending, choose your line and do not deviate, there is at no time to be wild swings from one side of the track to the other. If this is seen and it causes an accident grid penalties will be applied post race for the next race.

Full FIA F1 Rules

Full FIA F1 rules apply. This is your responsibility to know these rules.

They can be downloaded here from the FIA Website

Appeals and Complaints

Please record your own race footage or live stream it to Twitch or You Tube. If you have a race complaint contact the Race Stewards.

RPR Race License

You have a maximum of 20 points allowed on your RPR Race License before a ban. You will receive points on your license as per the stewards decision and they will be posted on the league standings page.


Discord Chat

Join the the other drives on the Discord Chat

Video Footage

Please record your own race footage and upload it to YouTube or Live Stream it to YouTube for proof of incidents. Failing to provide footage when asked will result in penalties or points on your race license.